1. How far is Lucky Lake from the centre of Amsterdam?

Using our FREE shuttle bus and public transport, it should take approximately 30 minutes to reach the center of Amsterdam. By car, you can reach the center in 10 minutes.

2. How do I get to the city center from Lucky Lake Hostel?

Our FREE shuttle service leaves the hostel every hour on the hour (during peak times it may leave every half hour), starting from 08:00 until 01:00. Our shuttle will take you to Amsterdam Holendrecht station, which takes about seven minutes. From Amsterdam Holendrecht station, you can take metro 54 into the city center and Amsterdam Central station or the train to Amsterdam Central station. 

3. What are the shuttle pick up times from Amsterdam Holendrecht to the hostel?

The pick up times of the shuttle from Amsterdam Holendrecht to the hostel are: 9.15 / 10.15 / 11.15 / 12.15 / 13.15 / 14.15 / 15.15 / 16.15 / 17.15 / 18.15 / 19.15 / 19.45 / 20.15 / 20.45 / 21.15 / 21. 45 / 22.15 / 22.45 / 23.15 / 23.45 / 00.15 / 01.00 / 01.30

You can use the free shuttle as much as you need during your stay also on your arrival and departure day.

4. At what time does the 1st shuttle bus leave the hostel?

The 1st shuttle leaves the hostel at 8 am. Please make sure you book a seat at reception at day before as reception is still closed at 8 am.

5. What is the shuttle time schedule from the hostel to Amsterdam Holendrecht?

The shuttle leaves the hostel at the following times:

08:00 / 09:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 19:30 / 20:00 / 20:30 / 21:00 / 21:30 / 22:00 / 22:30 / 23:00 / 00:00 / 01:00

To avoid dissapointment we ask you to book a seat on the shuttle in advance. If needed we will drive every half hour.

6. I'm checking out and need to leave before the 1st shuttle, how can i do that?

The 1st shuttle leaves the hostel at 8 am. If you need to leave before we can try to arrange a special taxi for you. For €15 we take you to Amsterdam Holendrecht station or Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station. For €35 we can take you to the airport (only available between 2 am and 7 am). If more guests need to go at the same time you split the costs. You can book this special taxi at reception till at least 1 day in advance and if we have a driver available. 

7. What are the opening hours of reception?

Our reception is open from 9 am till 11 pm. 

8. At what time can I check in?

Reception is open between 09:00 and 23:00, you are welcome to arrive at these hours. After 14:00 all rooms will be clean and ready. If you wish to arrive before 2 pm (14:00) we have a storage room for your luggage. If you plan to arrive after 11 pm (23:00), please contact us in advance. 

9. How does it work when i arrive for check in after 11 pm?

If you arrive after 11 pm reception will be closed. If you're arriving by own car then please look for the note on the reception door (kitchen side door) it will have your name and room number on it. If you arrive with the shuttle the shuttle driver will show you to your room and you can have a nice sleep. Please come to reception after 9 am for check in.

10. How can i book a room?

You can make an online booking through our website. We also have rooms available online on www.hostelworld.com

11. How can I change or cancel my booking?

 If you have the free cancellation booking then you need to contact customerservice@hostelworld.com

To change/cancel a part of your booking please log into your Myworld through Hostelworld.com If you need help with that contact customerservice@hostelworld.com.

Please note that if you ask us to cancel 1 or more nights off your booking you will loose the 15% deposit paid to Hostelworld.com as is non refundable.

We don't take cancellations over the phone, Facebook or Instagram so please send an email to info@luckylake.nl

12. At what time do I need to check out?

Check out time is 11:00. We ask all guests to remove their luggage from their rooms by this time. Guests are welcome to store their bags at reception and to relax at the hostel during the day.

13. Is it safe to give you my credit card details?

Yes, all reservations are processed immediately using a secure online credit card processing service. 

14. Why do you need my credit card details?

When you book a bed or room in advance, we need your credit card details. These credit card details are used for a 15% deposit which you pay to the booking site you're using. This deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the amount owing you pay on arrival in cash or by card. This can be a different card which you used for the depsoit.

Any cancellations must be notified directly to us at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the first night will be charged to your credit card. If you no show or if you cancel within 48 hours before arrival, your card will be charged for the 1st night of your booking.

In case you need to change your booking and cancel 1 or more nights please note that you will loose the 15% deposit paid online to the booking site. For any questions about the 15% deposit please contact the customer service of the booking site you have used to make your booking.

15. I don't have a credit card, how can I make a reservation?

To make a reservation, it is necessary to have a credit card. With the credit card you pay a 15% deposit, and you can pay the remaining amount with cash or card upon arrival. If you don't have a credit card, ask a friend or family member to use theirs. 

16. Can I pay with my credit/debit card upon arrival?

Yes, you can pay for your accommodation using Visa, Mastercard credit or debit card. We don't accept American Express

17. What are the hours for public transport?

Metro 54 departs Amsterdam Centraal station at least four times per hour. It takes about 17 minutes to arrive at Amsterdam Holendrecht station. Metro's stop running around midnight. To catch the 1 am or 1.30 am shuttle you will need to take a train. Make sure the train stops at Amsterdam Holendrecht station. Our shuttle bus will be at the Holendrecht station according to the schedule on our SHUTTLE page (also on this page is a map for the metro). 

18. How do I get back to Lucky Lake Hostel at night time?

The last metro departs Amsterdam Central station around 00:15. Trains run for about an hour after this. Our last shuttle will pick guests up at Amsterdam Holendrecht station at 01.30 (see the Shuttle schedule on our HOW TO GET HERE page). If you want to stay out later, you can either use the early morning public transportation (from 6:00 in the morning), or take a taxi. A taxi from anywhere in the centre back to Lucky Lake Hostel will cost you max. €45 with Taxi Centrale Diemen. At night between 20.00 and 06.00 it will costs you max. €40 if you use Taxi Central Diemen. You will need to call them on 0031 20 690 58 58. 
There is no curfew and no lock out, so you won't have problems entering back into your room at night. 

19 What is the price of public transport?

If you calculate about €6,50 per person per day you will have your transport covered (based on the metro prices). If you only use a one hour card for the metro the costs will be €6 for a round trip.

One hour card for metro/bus and tram: There are cards available for 1 hour travelling. The cost for this card is 2,90 euro. As the center is not that big, you can see most of it walking. If you do want to be able to take unlimited metro's, trams or buses, a travel card might be a good option for you. See options below:

Disposable traveling card: With the 24, 48, 72 or 96 hour card, you can travel by metro, bus and tram in Amsterdam.

Prices 2018
24 hour card €  8,00
48 hour card € 13,50
72 hour card € 19,00
96 hour card € 24,50

and 5, 6 or up to 7 days
For more info please check out http://en.gvb.nl/ to see what option is best for you.


Travelling by train from Amsterdam Holendrecht to Amsterdam Central is €4 for a one way ticket. The train leaves twice per hour to Amsterdam Holendrecht. The metro runs more often. If you want to take the last shuttle bus at 1:30 you'll have to come back to Holendrecht station by train. Please note that you cannot use your metro ticket on the train. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COINS FOR THE TICKET MACHINE!!!

The train company is called NS. You can plan your itinerary on www.9292.nl/en


Parking in the city center is very expensive. If you are coming by car you can easily go to a Park and Ride(P+R). You can park your car for 1 euro a day and you will need to buy return metro tickets(max. 5 people per car). The nearest P+R is at Transferium Bijlmer Arena, it's about a 5 minute drive from Lucky Lake.
You can find more info about P+R on: http://www.iamsterdam.com/en/visiting/plan-your-trip/getting-around/parking/park-and-ride

20. Once I arrive at Schiphol airport, how do I get to Lucky Lake Hostel?

There is a train station beneath Schiphol airport. Buy a one way ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Holendrecht €5,30 Take the train and get off at Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena. At Bijlmer Arena you will need to change trains and catch one that stops at Amsterdam Holendrecht. Get off the train at Amsterdam Holendrecht station and walk down the stairs. Please check the HOW TO GET HERE page on the website for the up to date info on where to find our shuttle at Holendrecht station. There is also a map for the metro on this page as well as a map of Holendrecht station and our shuttle pick up point.

If you would like to come by taxi we would advise you to make an online reservation with Taxi central Diemen in advance www.taxicentralediemen.nl they check your scheduled arrival time and will be at Schiphol airport to pick you up. The special Lucky Lake Hostel price is €50 for max. 4 people. If you take another random taxi they might charge you between €60 and €100.

Our address is: Vinkenkade 75 in VINKEVEEN. You will need to fill this in on the website of Taxi centrale Diemen and the correct price will show. 

Directions for taxi driver: Routebeschrijving naar Lucky Lake Hostel in Vinkeveen:

Ga naar de A2 richting Utrecht. Neem afslag 3 Abcoude. Neem de rotonde 3 kwart, dit is de Vinkenkade. Neem de 3e inrit aan je rechterhand bij het bord Lucky Lake Hostel. Rij de weg helemaal uit tot aan de slagboom. Mocht je vragen hebben bel onze receptie op 0294 28 28 14 (alleen engels-talig).

21. I arrive at Amsterdam SLOTERDIJK station, how do i get to Amsterdam Holendrecht?

Megabus, Flixbus and Meinfernbus all arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. It's very easy to get to Amsterdam Holendrecht station from Sloterdijk. Take metro 50 in direction of Gein and get off at Amsterdam Holendrecht. Please check the HOW TO GET HERE page for more info on where to find the free shuttle bus and the time schedule.

22. How much does a taxi cost to/from Lucky Lake Hostel to the center of Amsterdam?

Lucky Lake Hostel has an agreement with Taxi Centrale Diemen  (phone number - 0031 20 690 58 58) to bring you back to Lucky Lake Hostel, from anywhere in central Amsterdam for max. €45. Between 20.00 and 06.00 you will pay a max. of €40. The price is based on a car for 4 people. 

Our address is: Vinkenkade 75 in VINKEVEEN

If you take another random taxi they might charge you between €50 and €100. Please show the driver the directions below in Dutch:

Routebeschrijving naar Lucky Lake Hostel in Vinkeveen:

Ga naar de A2 richting Utrecht. Neem afslag 3 Abcoude. Neem de rotonde 3 kwart, dit is de Vinkenkade. Neem de 3e inrit aan je rechterhand bij het bord Lucky Lake Hostel. Rij de weg helemaal uit tot aan de slagboom. Mocht je vragen hebben bel onze receptie op 0294 28 28 14 (alleen engels-talig).

Our shuttle service operates from 08:00 until 01:30. If you need to leave the hostel before 08:00 or after 01:30, we can arrange a taxi for you at reception.

23. Can you tell me more about the caravans?

Most of the rooms are vintage caravans (trailers) - the sort of caravans that people in Europe attach behind their cars and travel with. Lucky Lake Hostel has 25 caravans arranged in an open design. 

24. What is the difference between a double bed and a twin bed room?

Double rooms have one bed for two people. Twin rooms have two separate beds. A BASIC room is a caravan and a STANDARD room is a wooden cabin

25. What are the cabins like?

The wooden cabins are colorful and cosy, each with their own unique style. We have double bed cabins and triple cabins which have 1 double bed and 1 single bunk bed (for pictures of the cabins please visit our Rooms page)

26. Is it possible to stay with three people in one room?

Yes, you can book a three person cabin, this cabin has 1 double bed and 1 single bed. If these cabins are fully booked online, please send us an email with the request to add a third person.

27. Are the rooms heated?

No, our cabins and caravans are not heated, as we are closed during the winter months (from October until March). Guests are welcome to borrow extra blankets and hot water bottles if it is especially cold. Alternatively, we have small heaters available. All dorm rooms and the 4 bed private room at Lucky Lake Hostel are heated. 

28. What do the dorms consist of?

We have two 4 bed dorm rooms at Lucky Lake Hostel. There are two bunk beds in each room, so each dorm can accommodate up to four people. We have one mixed and one female-only dorm. There are also lockers provided so belongings can be kept safely. We have one 6 bed mixed dorm en suite, a beautiful spacious dorm with private shower and toilet and sinks in the room.

29. How many rooms does Lucky Lake Hostel have?

Lucky Lake Hostel consists of 25 caravans, nine cabins, 1 six bed mixed dorm en suite, one 4 bed mixed dorm, one 4 bed female dorm and one 4 bed private room. Caravans can accommodate one or two people, each 4 bed dorm can accommodate four people, the 6 bed dorm can accommodate 6 people, the 4 bed private can accommodate 4 people (group) and the cabins can accommodate one, two or three people. 

30. Does every room have a private shower and toilet?

No, Lucky Lake Hostel has showers and toilets in a separate building for our guests to share, only the 6 bed mixed dorm has a shower, sink and toilet in the room.

31. Are groups allowed?

Unfortunately, we do not allow groups over six people. 

32. Do all rooms have electricity?

There is an electricity socket in each room. All sockets are 220 volt and can be used for charging phones. However, high voltage electronics (such as hair dryers) cannot be used in the rooms. There are electricity sockets in the bathrooms for this purpose.

33. Are there any cooking facilities at Lucky Lake Hostel?

We have an outdoor, communal kitchen with all the equipment you need. There are pots and pans, plates, cutlery, two stoves, three refrigerators, an oven and a BBQ, which are all free to use. 

34. Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes, we offer free breakfast! Breakfast is available from 07:30 to 11:30 in our special breakfast bus. We offer coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, milk, yoghurt, muesli, cornflakes, bread, nutella, honey, peanut butter and jams. Every day we have something extra for you to make yourselves, like pancakes or eggs.

35. Does Lucky Lake Hostel have bicycles for rent?

Yes, guests are welcome to rent bicycles for €1.50 per hour. Explore the beautiful surroundings and villages nearby! However, if you wish to cycle to and from the centre, you will need to rent a bicycle in Amsterdam. 

36. Can i buy food at Lucky Lake Hostel?

Lucky Lake Hostel has a small store stocked with basic food items. There is a village called Abcoude (about 15 minutes away by bicycle) with supermarkets and grocery stores and an outdoor market that is open on Thursdays. There are also many restaurants in the surrounding area - one is located less than a kilometer away and is faces the beautiful lake.

37. How do I get to the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam Arena and the Heineken Music Hall from Lucky Lake Hostel?

Amsterdam Arena and Heineken Music Hall are only two stops (2 minutes) from Amsterdam Holendrecht station. Take our FREE shuttle (7 minutes) to Amsterdam Holendrecht station. From there, take any metro to Bijlmer Arena.

38. Is there an internet connection at Lucky Lake Hostel?

Lucky Lake provides free WiFi internet access to our guests! 

39. Can I stay at Lucky Lake Hostel with my children?

We are sorry to inform you that the minimum age for all guests at Lucky Lake is 17 years old. 

40. Can i buy weed and cigarettes at Lucky Lake Hostel?

No, we don't sell weed or cigarettes at the hostel. Feel free to smoke weed and cigarettes outside and in the smoking lounge. Best is to buy weed in the city as there are no coffee shops close to the hostel.

41. Is Lucky Lake Hostel closed during the winter?

Yes, Lucky Lake Hostel is closed from September 22nd 2019. We will open again in April 2020.

42. Can I stay with you in my own camper van or tent?

No sorry, for camping and camper van stay we advise you to check www.campingzeeburg.nl or www.campingamsterdamsebos.nl